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Construction Notice

February 13, 2007 - 12:36am -- Shawn

Within the next week or so, this site will undergo a significant upgrade.

Since its inception, has been operating via the blog software WordPress. While WordPress has been an excellent development platform for my site, I have aspirations that go beyond its capabilities.

Over the past six months, I have been working with another Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal. I believe that Drupal has what I'm want for now and the proper environment for me to grow in the future.

All of my previous posts have been copied over so that neither my content nor your comments will be lost. However, the URLs for all of the content will change. This means that if you have linked to any page or post other than my home page, you will have to relink. Also, my RSS feed address will change, so if you have subscribed to my RSS feed, you'll have to resubscribe. Here's the new URL (it doesn't work yet, of course):

Another thing you may notice: I will drop the "www" at the beginning of my web address. If you try it with the "www", it'll work, but it'll redirect you to a url without.

After I make the switch, I will post another announcement describing in more detail some of the improvements I've made.